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Portland, OR 97219

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About Us

Navi.Net was founded in 1992 by Jim Dawson as Dawson & Associates. In 1995, Dawson & Associates decided to take its new and expanding Internet business and create a new brand: Navi.Net. The new name reflected the company's goal to help people navigate the Internet.

Over the years, Navi.Net has been part of several different companies and is now the business services division of FASTech, Inc. Clients have come from fields which include the following: environmental cleanup, computer chip manufacturing, building supply distribution, event management, marketing, wood products, electric utilities, political campaigns, engineering, semiconductors, retail, television broadcasting, and film and video production.

Navi.Net offers broadband connectivity and Voice over IP (VoIP), or digital phone service, throughout the U.S. Navi.Net develops and hosts web pages for businesses, in addition to offering internetworking and networking services, optimizing your existing computer installation to enhance productivity. Navi.Net has competitive rates, and we can provide individual quotes for interested parties.

Navi.Net develops proprietary software applications for a diverse range of clients. We develop Web pages, database applications, communications packages. We also provide technical documentation, beta testing, and marketing for other software and hardware developers. Expertise includes developing Windows and UNIX applications.

Navi.Net provides project management and marketing services for firms looking for innovative solutions to difficult problems. We have managed various projects of varying size and scope: from as small as $1500 to as large as $12.5 million; with staff sizes ranging from one to 6000. We have developed a reputation for quality work, completed on time and within budget.